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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


So this weekend I will be working on a video for the 48hr Film Festival so this was my final day on the island. As if it was not hard enough to say goodbye, the weather and everything about today was absolutely gorgeous.

First of all, last night was cool enough after the storms that I actually used a sheet to cover up with! Can you believe it? I woke up this morning feeling well rested, comfortable, and peaceful.

While Mike came to help with tours for a bit, I did some early blogging and hung out with the security guards. I sure will miss hanging out with them in the Visitors Pavilion. As I was about to leave the pavilion after blogging, a family came to visit for a third time this summer. They said they got a tour with Mike but they had to see me before the project ends. I loved seeing them again and hearing that the girl still wears her glasses she got in a trade. Moments like that make the project satisfying.

Later today, my friend Mari came to visit and we rowed around the whole lake picking up messages. After that we walked around the gardens and watched the butterflies suck nectar out of flowers. It was so nice exploring the whole park in such agreeable weather.

I walked back to the island and saw my mom came from Kokomo with her friend Sharon and my friend Caitlyn. I showed them around the island and the rest of 100 Acres. I found a bra hanging in a tree…haha. We also observed the light shining through the pea pods giving us xray vision! The most awesome moment was when when we heard a rustle coming from a nearby bush and a deer ran right in front of us.

Later today after they all left I was picking up more floating messages when I heard another rustle in the bushes…I found the baby deer with the white spots looking right at me. I was so glad to see it again before leaving. Now, I am enjoying the sunset and thinking of all of the wonderful experiences I have had and all of the things I will miss.

This summer has been the best time of my life. I cannot thank all of you enough.

Thank you Andrea Zittel, IMA people, Jenny Mikulay, Greg Hull, Eric Nordgulen, Holly S, my mom Lynn, our blog readers, our visitors, and many more!

This is not the end of the project…we still have this weekend (Mike will be here). Also, we will be posting our reflections, moments, other thoughts, and thanks here for at least the next month. Keep on reading! There is still more to come!


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messages 7-31


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messages 7-30


A prized possession.

I looked inside a message capsule and found a Backstreet Boys magazine from 1999.  Of course, looking at this took me back to the fourth or fifth grade when the boy-band craze was sweeping the world.  Oh nostalgia…

Anyway, someone left their prized possession in a floating message.  Can you believe that?  One of the things I found interesting about the floating messages is the element of chance.  You never know where the messages end up or if the contents will stay dry, so the chance the senders took provided a touching experience.  I know we have been letting people take whatever they want for trade and we have sent off some amazing gifts, but I left all of my prized possessions at home so I would not even have to risk sending them off.  Thanks for sending us your prized possession!  It really made me smile.


Sparkler fun.

Alice and Paul

Jessica and Kurt


Night Dine

Another delightful feast was prepared with the help of some amazing friends.  We grilled shish kabobs with peach, chicken, and onion and we painted a sweet/spicy sauce on them using a rosemary brush.  For our sides we had a fresh salad,  Italian pasta salad, garden pasta salad, and chips!  Of course, to finish our meal we had s’mores with giant marshmallows!  Thank you Kurt, Paul, Alice, Miowa, and Alex for the delicious meal.


Ambient Lightning

Last night, I had a few friends over to cook a late meal and enjoy the night sky.  For a while, there was no rain…only lightning quietly lighting the sky.  The storm was north of us so we were able to safely and dryly enjoy our wonderful lighting/lightning.


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