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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

frost cometh

indoor garden

I’m really enjoying working on the garden for the island, it’s presented some interesting problems that take some creative maneuvering. There was a danger of a frost this weekend. I’ve had everything setting outside but decided to bring them in to avoid loosing my head start. Because everything was in the containers i could just bring them in my living room. The inlets on the bottom make them unable to be just set on the floor. I made a makeshift stand out of a bunch of old paint cans and Two by Fours. They look so good I wish i could have a big garden inside all year. I’ll keep dreaming.

soil prep

The last week we’ve been in full garden mode. While I’m working on the floating garden there is still work that needs to be done at my home garden. In an effort to try to organize the yard i’ve built some raised flower beds. I’m not going to have time to use them so i’m lending them out to friends and neighbors who don’t have any space. I have four 14×4′ beds. Alan and I procured some soil from a local construction site. (they were digging a hole for a foundation) We will mix in crushed eggshells, coffee grounds, and compost to make this free dirt something to be proud of. We are working at our own pace and now have 3 beds fully built (not pictured) and two beds filled with soil.

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