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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

sharing our land

Everyone recognizes us at the museum as the island residents.  Probably has something to do with us walking around with life vests and oars.  We were stopped on our way out and told us that they had to kick off some un-welcomed visitors who had swum out to the island and were hanging out on the porch.  One of the new challenges of living on the island is the location of the structure in relation to the shore.  We feel like we are caught in a weird spot.  We want to respect Andrea’s and the IMA’s decision of putting the island where it is, but the idea of being to close to shore changes the project so much that it kind of brings us down.   The beach the island is closest to right now is the typical party beach.  Almost every time we visit there is a new set of beer cans and trash.  Today there were beer cans and a cryptic message carved in the sands.

JAM***(Heart) ******NMS

Other than that we accomplished a lot today.  We brought a floating garden which we left out there to see how it weathers.  Jess rowed us out, towing our cargo behind.  We also had a few bike boxes that we cut up to get the contour of the bed.  We will start building the bed this week, having a cardboard model of the size and shape will help us build it off site and bring it to it’s new home already assembled.

Before we left we tied up the garden to the island and left a little message in one of the pots.  “Hello visitors, please take care not to damage our veggies. Thanks, Mike and Jess.”  The island is all locked up so even if someone does get out there i’m not worried about it, but my babies are very vulnerable and there is not really a way to keep them out of people’s reach. I figure all i can do is ask them polietly to leave them be.  I think a hostile sign would lead to hostile reactions.  We’ll see.  So now, i’m back home and the first of the gardens is staying the night in the lake.  I can’t say i’m not nervous for them like an over-protective parent during the first day of kindergarden.

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