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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

manly garden

I did a lot of island work today.  First thing is i picked up a completed batch of message capsules from the fiberglass place in town.  We are putting fiberglass on 15 of the containers to keep them strong and sturdy.  We gave George 6 last week and he’s got them ready.  I dropped of the other 9 and they  should be ready by opening.  The other 15 will be available for opening day taking care of the increased traffic.  They will not be as sturdy but will only be for special occasions.  Above there is a picture of 2 containers next to each other that shows the difference in texture. It’s not that noticeable in the picture but they feel so strong and look really good.

I took our new friends to the lake and through them in the water.  They float! That’s a relief.  The wind was blowing toward the east so they all gathered on the beach but they look good.  Then I spent some time putting bolts and straps and buckles on the floating garden.  My idea is that it will make it easier to attach and re-arrange the gardens.  Before today they were just tied to each other.  I hate untying knots and worrying if the knots i have tied are strong enough so this will be a good thing.  Each garden unit has 4 straps that dangle.  I was going to trim those off but they have proven very usefull in towing and securing the units that i’m going to leave them on.  To attach the gardens i move one unit (strap side) parallel to the next unit.  The straps from the new unit loop around the frame of the first.  Then i pull the strap back across the second unit to the other side where there is an O bolt.  The strap is secured by a buckle tied to the end that latches onto the bolt.  Easy.

It took a while to get this all done but i’m enjoying taking my time on the lake.  However, today was supposed to be the first day in two weeks that it was sunny, that wasn’t the case.  Another day of rain in my favorite city.

As I was getting ready to pack up and head out the carpenters from the IMA came to install the new window.  Someone snuck on the island and kicked it out last winter when it was docked on the shore.  It’s not a big deal because it leaked anyway, now we have a new plexiglass one.  Watching them install it was fun, but scary.  There is nothing to hold onto up ontop of the island so he was holding himself up with his big toe as he reached over, despite his better judgement, to put some screws in the window. Thanks guys.

3 Responses to “manly garden”

  • Treva Mitchell Says:

    Michael and Jessica,
    When do you move in?

  • Fan Says:

    Mike – Where are your posts?? What is happening? Heard they moved the island out to middle today?

  • michael Says:

    I know i haven’t been posting as much as i should. I’m getting ready to display a weeks worth of posts now.
    Thanks for keeping me on task!

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