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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Take a seat…

Unfortunately, the only time I get to go home to my apartment is when I am sleeping or using my sewing machine. It feels as though I have been living at the sculpture building (studio) all semester! Anyway, I was happy to work in my bright apartment as I made the cushions for the furniture.

I lucked out and found some nice 2″ memory foam on sale so I could make a comfortable “mattress” for sleeping and sitting.

After cutting the foam down into their specific shapes, I began meticulously marking off the specific curves of each piece on the fabric so I knew exactly where to sew. There was little room for error…if I messed up the shape then it might not fit on the furniture correctly.

I installed the cushions today and got to test them out. I think they are more comfortable than my own bed at my apartment!

I think this furniture will be quite useful and versatile. I am happy with the way it aesthetically and functionally interacts with the unique shape of the island.

4 Responses to “Take a seat…”

  • Lynn Says:

    They turned out great!!!!!!

  • Fan Says:

    Good sewing skills! I thought the whole project was about you living in the “sculpture building”?? You sound relieved to get out of the Island. Is it turning out to be different than what you thought you signed on to?

  • Jessica Says:

    Thank you! We don’t actually begin to live on the island until June 18th. Mike and I are so excited to move onto the island, though. I have just been working in the sculpture studio at Herron so much that it feels like I live here.

  • Jessica Says:

    Thanks. :)

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