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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

ride to work

There is an awesome path that goes right from the sculpture building to the IMA. I have to ride through downtown to get the the sculpture building but once i do it’s smooth sailing. The route starts out on the white river path which, as you can imagine, follows the white river. Around 30th street it jogs around the naval armory and connects to the canal tow path which goes right to the IMA park. On the canal it is not unusual to see baby geese, ducks, and sunning turtles.

2 Responses to “ride to work”

  • Fan Says:

    Wish I knew what the ‘sculpture building’ was. This does look like a great bike path.

  • jeff Says:

    Hi pics!

    My Brother and I are avid bike lover / riders, this trail you ride to work is awesome; We try and ride this trail 2 or 3 times a week to get your lake and island….Our last ride, yesterday was a perfect day for a ride. As usual; we rode the canal and turned off into the woods of IMA, we rode
    over;to look at your summer home on the water. We seen Jessica in the boat on shore, so we were able to
    talk to her for a bit. My Brother, (since his last name is Dunn) ask
    Jessica, “are we related?” Without hesitation, She replied “No”.lol!
    …She then returned to the island, we continued standing on ,shore;watching the birds dive bomb the minnows, and bugs on the lakes surface….when a guy pulls up on a golf cart,and informs us”I’m not going to throw you out of the park, but bikes aren’t allowed here” ………..
    SAY WHAT!!!
    We sure hope this is not a policy IMA…but rather someone just being an A~hoe, and if it is policy, keep an eye out for the “A~hoe on the cart”
    While you are riding your baby through the park…….happy trails!

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