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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

these message containers are going to kill me

Jess has proven herself to me once again.  Up until she left for Germany Jess had done all the work on these little buggers.  I’ve been working on them for over a week with the help of Emily Gable and i think i’m going to lose it.  Here is the big picture.  Jess and Emily carved 30 miniature islands.  We wanted them to be sturdy so we covered them in fiber glass.  We had limited funds so we only did 15.  Those fiber glassed fifteen are going to last the whole summer.  The other 15 are left to be covered in Peel Bond.  A sticky rubbery substance that will seal the foam.  The Peel Bond 15 will be additional capsules for the opening weekend as we are expecting lots of traffic.  After opening day we will continue to use the fiber glass floats and the others will be re-purposed.

The 15 i’m working with are the Peel Bond ones and i am screwing it up.  They have this weird goose bump sand paper texture that i’m having a hard time dealing with. I’ve given them 4 coats and they still look like do-do. i’m going to figure it out, momma didn’t raise no quitter.  But that doesn’t mean i’m not going to be complaining the whole time.

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