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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


I was asked to evacuate before dark last night because of the flood warning.  I was disappointed I could not stay on the island  but when I took a look at the rushing white river just a few feet away from flooding over the wall between it and the lake, I decided it was definitely a bad idea to stay on the island overnight.

Still, I hung out on the shore all day today and Mike Birr, Derrick Method, and I measured the water levels to estimate the rise and fall of the lake.

When we measured, the lake was about two and a half feet lower than the river and would continue to rise all day.  The lake rose four feet within a few hours!  Every time I went back to the beach to check on the boat, the water would creep up more and more until the locker we keep our oars in became its own island.

2 Responses to “Flood!”

  • Nathan Says:

    At least all those kids can’t can’t ring the bell constantly now. Sorry you are flooded though. Are you able to still live out there or is this on hold til the water goes down?

  • Jessica Says:

    I was able to stay the night last night. Luckily, the water has been receding very quickly and we have some of our beach back already. You should come visit the island sometime soon! You would love it.

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