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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

a good day for food

Most visitors have been very sensitive to our needs as “stranded” islanders.  Some have been so kind as to bring us food.  Today all of them came at once.  The day began with a girl scout troupe from Kokomo who brought cookies and brownies and trades.  Don’t worry i made all the girl scout cookie jokes, so i got it covered.  Then i had a friend out to go fishing, she brought lunch and i enjoyed it.  THEN, our new friend mike who just happens to be a professional chef brought a whole pack of catering treats.

the day was a long one, however, hot and not much wind.  when you get board on the lake you have to invent games.  One visitor, we’ll call him Joe, even though that’s his name, had invented an art game. we played on the  porch with his trusty companion, we’ll call her Lucy.  In his game you are given a stack of cards, you have to defend your right to be a creative artist as the other players are dealing cards such as, you won’t make money or this doesn’t make sense.  You are trying to do as many sketches as you can while dealing out defense cards such as, follow a feeling, or life without TV.  I’m doing a bad job explaining it but it was fun.  He traded it, so i have the deck, on… deck.

Then as the sun went down i found some accordion toting travelers.  i invited them on board for a tour and we played the German childhood classic game most commonly refereed to as “use chop sticks to fish out the wick mike dropped into the oil candle.”  The name sounds a lot better in the German tounge.

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  • Bailey Says:

    Essstäbchen benutzen , um Fische aus den Docht Mike ließ sich in der Öl- Kerze

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