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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


I am not sure if it is the constant sun or the constant rowing, but I am so exhausted.

I love giving people tours, but as Mike said in his post, we could be giving tours all day if we are not careful.  I hate turning people down, but when the flag is down it means we are finally getting a chance to eat and sit down for a while.  Today, I got maybe 5 minutes of free time to eat a sandwich and that was it.  The rest of the time, I was rapidly blogging, photographing messages, giving tours, or rowing around collecting messages from the pods.  Who knew island life would be so busy?!

Mike and I are having a lot of fun and making you all happy brings a lot of joy to us.  However, if I keep going at this pace I might seriously die of heat exhaustion/exhaustion itself!

So, if the flag is not raised, it is not because we do not love you all.  We do.  It just means we are regaining strength so we can give more to you in the long run.

4 Responses to “Exhausted”

  • Heather Says:

    The signs throughout the park imply that this is an interractive exhibit and does not mention the exercise in solitude. Perhaps the signs near the island can be updated with defined tour and Give & Take Project hours. Providing more information about project’s solitude goal near the island would be beneficial for museum visitors who come to see the exhibit.

  • brent Says:

    While I agree you should reach the goals of your project, posting solid hours, and doing a Barbara Bush and ‘just say no’ would greatly help your situation. I agree with the previous comment post that the sign seems to indicate something completely contrary to solitude. Remember we are all excited for you and your project, the only way we know how to express that excitement is to ‘bug’ you. I’m guilty of getting a tour when the flag is down, but would’ve gladly come back another day. If people give you grief (and no decent human being should) offer them a visit to the Park of the Laments to deal with their inability to handle simple hours of operation.

  • brent Says:

    I stand corrected. Nancy Reagan started the ‘just say no’ campaign.

  • Jessica Says:

    The island visits and trade are just one part of our proposal, and we agreed with the IMA that it would be of an organic nature. We wish we could post specific tour times, but we can’t due to weather changes and us being human. Plus, we need time to blog, collect messages, and get things ready for trade.

    As a collaboration with Andrea Zittel, a huge part of the project is our life on the island. So, it is important for us to have free time as well to explore what life on an island means to us.

    Mike and I are trying our best to make everyone happy. We really are. And, we are having a great time meeting hundreds of people each day. We hope each person visiting is able to communicate with us on some level, whether it is trade, visits, messages, or the blog.

    Brent, I love your comment about the Park of Laments. Haha.

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