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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


We received a note the other day wondering how the garden was doing.  I’ve been really bad about telling about all the progress we’ve been making especially in the garden. I like to think that i’m man enough to admit that i’ve done wrong and correct it.  So here it goes, baby.

My tomato plants hate me.  That’s the news, thanks for bringing it up.  Usually my self deprecating comments can be blamed on low self esteem but this one is completely factual, my tomato plants are pissed that i decided to plant them in the middle of a lake. They are getting way too much sun and too much water.  They get about 16 hours of sun and lots and lots of water, because they are in a lake which is made of water.  We had a good Samaritan and fellow tomato lover trade us a shade umbrella which i promptly posted, precariously protecting our precious plant pals.  I’m hoping that this helps to correct the problem as the leaves were actually starting to bake in the heat.

To correct the over watering i drilled holes in the side of the containers as an overflow release.  When it would rain the containers would not drain and thick puddles would form, drowning my babies.  I drilled 1/4″ holes but i may have to go bigger if this doesn’t drain enough.

I’ve lost a couple plants due to neglect so i spent the cool part of the morning sewing new seeds. here is the list now.

tomatoes, beets, cabbage, kohlrabi, beans, snow peas, spinach, melon.

3 Responses to “Garden”

  • aaron Says:

    So did you get your fishing pole yet?

  • Lynn Says:

    Very interesting. I hope the new fixes help those babies out! Nothing is better than a nice fresh tomato! My plants have tiny little greens ones starting to grow which makes me very happy because my container plants usually die :/. We may come down over the weekend and bring you some fresh produce from my big brother who lives in southern Indiana where everything is already ripe for the picking!

  • jeff Says:

    …. hmmm…why?

    Does Kevin Costners Waterworld; come to mind?

    hope the new ideas help

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