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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

evolution of the garden

My mom gave me a huge patio umbrella to shade the gardens.  Unfortunately i was too late to save the tomatoes but i’ve started some new seeds that are really thriving.  The conditions are great for starting seeds.  The dirt is very moist and warm.  Things have sprung up within a couple days and kept the pace up for the last week.    I’ve made some more adjustments and i’m thinking it will help everything last longer.  I drew a sketch so you could see the evolution the gardens have gone through without having to scroll through the whole blog.  It started out as a Styrofoam shell that would hold the bins.  I didn’t like that idea because it would be a lot of styrofoam that would be wasted and it didn’t seem as adjustable as i’d hoped.  My friend Jacob helped me design the rain barrel frame and that has proven much more useful. The final fix was shade and an overflow release to prevent the two things that were killing the plants, two much sun and too much water.  Now there is actually dry dirt on the top of the bins which means that finally have control over how much water they are getting.  I hope i’m not getting too excited because i’m sure i’ll come across another problem i’ll have to adjust to, but for now i feel that if i can keep an eye on them and give them little things they need i could quite possibly keep everything alive.

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