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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

no cell

My favorite part of this week of solitude thing is the part where i have no cell phone.  It’s weird how not having the phone on allows me to somehow relax and not worry about the calls i’m missing. It seems with the phone on i always have the constant thought of getting a hold of someone and i’m always running through things i have to do and figuring out who i need to talk to to get them done.  Now, i know i can’t call anyone, so i don’t worry about what i have to do next week and try to coordinate as much.  But an unexpected bonus is that one of the main functions of the phone was the clock.  Now, for most of the day, i have no clue as to what time it is. It’s been freeing except for the times i have to interact with people who still live by time.  My tours are scheduled to start roughly at 10:30 am and end at 1pm.  Before my phone turned off i noticed that the Andrea Zittel sign is in full sun about 10.30 and as far as 1pm, i just stop when it’s too hot to row people back and forth.  Other times people need me at specific times, it’s been nice to just be available at all times by responding to my “door bell”.

My friend, i think it was Beka, showed me this trick about telling how much sun you have left in your day.  Measure how many fingers the sun is from the horizon, each finger is 15 minutes.  In the picture we have roughly an hour and a half of sunlight.  This has been the most useful thing for me planning my evening activities.

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  • Heather Says:

    I have not had a cell phone in over 8 years. It is really wonderful. My mother was a bit concerned about this when I traveled but the great thing about the ubiquity of cell phones is that everyone else has one. I had to borrow a phone in Raleigh last week but the lady I asked was so generous (most people don’t mind – I am careful to ask the friendliest looking person). Enjoy your solitude and never be afraid to take time for solitude in your life. Our society is so much about work work work and being constantly productive. You are a better person when you can get away to hang out with just yourself. I am glad you and Jessica are doing this project. It is very exciting to watch every day.

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