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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

daily interaction

a dear friend of mine called me out on needing to be more sociable with visitors realizing that this was most peoples first visit to the park and many’s first or only interaction with art or artists.  It’s easy for me to sigh when someone asks if we have air conditioning but i have to remember that even though this is my daily routine it’s very foreign and strange to people and it’s natural that they would have questions.  I think i’ve been doing better. If not, at least i’m more conscious of it and i’m quick to catch myself from being grumpy.

But maybe a little grumpiness is OK, i am a zoo animal after all.  It’s been interesting how people interact from far away.  If i’m sitting on my porch in the right spot  no one can see me, but i can hear them talking and most of the time they are wondering if they will catch a glimpse of the crazy artist.  Most of them shout or yelp even, like a kid taping on the glass of an aquarium trying to get a reaction.  It drives me crazy when they are rude about it but everyonce in a while someone understands what i feel like.  Most of the time if there are people on the beach i’ll do them the common courtesy of waving.  Some say hello, and i return the favor but don’t try to carry on a conversation.  Yesturday a group of ladies said, “hello, michael” . I waved, they said “sorry you feel like a zoo animal.”

It made me realize that most of the people don’t deserve a calloused response and are well, meaning.  I’m going to take this on a case by case basis, but it’s nice to remember.

3 Responses to “daily interaction”

  • Corban Says:

    Hey, sorry if we were rude calling out to you the other day, we were curious and didn’t know the whole procedure. I finally figured out the nine dot puzzle for you, sorry it took so long.

    all the best,

  • michael Says:

    so good, thank you.

  • emily Says:

    I went to 100 Acres yesterday for the first time, and I can embarassingly admit I am infatuated with the island, and you two living on it. It makes me crave not living by a clock and running around all the time. My friend thought I was not feeling well because I kept stopping, but I was really just taking in the concept, the island, and wondering what it’s like to be you. And then I saw someone on the island, and it was like I had a little glimpse into your world. It made it real. But I didn’t yell, or ring the bell, I just said a quiet inside “hello”. Oh, and sent you a message.

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