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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

meager harvest

I pulled a couple radish from the garden and munched on them.  I have never grown radish before and now know that i have to pick them sooner.  Roots are funny in  that they ripen under the dirt so unless you know what you are looking for, which i don’t, you won’t know what you get till you pick them.  A few of them were still good and tasty.  I also pulled this mystery plant to the right.  It came up in rows so i know that i put it there but i can’t remember what i planted and my little sign did not make it this far.  Do you know what it is and how i can make it taste better?

4 Responses to “meager harvest”

  • Sue and Ezri Says:

    Hi Michael, My daughter (9) and I hope to visit your island some time this summer, and are interested in Island Trade. We’re curious about what sort of things you might LIKE to have. Needing a chocolate fix? A jar of curry sauce for the unidentified vegetables? (looks similar to beet leaves but the root/stem is all wrong) Is there a day or time of day you’d prefer visitors?
    We think you folks are brave and have an interesting project. We’ve tried to look up the art you posted, but have never used Twitter before. Is that the only place we’ll see your work?
    Happy floating.

  • michael Says:

    it’s fun to see what people come up with when they imagine what we need. so just know we are surviving and anything you bring would be a bonus.
    jess made a post a few days ago about her work, all my work is at
    see you soon!

  • grrlpup Says:

    I think your mystery vegetable is Swiss chard, the red variety. People mostly eat the leaves, cooked, but you can also slice the stems and sautee them– like celery.

  • mike Says:

    hey! thanks detective!

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