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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Hot off the Press

Hello everyone.  Recently, Mike and I have done several interviews for articles and some of them have come out already.  Click on the following links to check them out.

Indiana University

On The Cusp

Oh!  Art Babble recently posted video from the Forum, where all of the artists spoke about their piece at 100 Acres.  Andrea Zittel and I talk about Indianapolis Island and answer questions about 35 minutes into the video.  All of the artists are incredibly interesting and John Green is hilarious.  Check it out.  100 Acres Opening Forum

PBS came to do a piece on 100 Acres, so that should be coming out on TV sometime.  Also, My Indy TV is broadcasting a piece about Indianapolis Island.  Keep on the lookout!  Let me know if any of you see it, since I will be away from TV altogether for two more weeks.  Haha.

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