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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

High Contrast: Hot/Cold

Besides a couple of nights, I have been out in the heat 24/7 for the past two weeks.  There have been heat advisories from early in the day until 7PM many of these days and it has been up to a scorching 113 degrees according to the heat index.  It seems I have adapted to the heat fairly well (I no longer have rolling sweat on my face all hours of the day.)  Haha.  In fact, stepping inside the island which is 75-90 degrees on the inside compared to 113 outside is just satisfying enough for me.  You would not think a humid 90 degrees would ever feel great, but the contrast from outside in the constant sun feels great.

So here is the crazy thing…Someone brought me a cold bottle of water today which had been chilling in their freezer.  I was so excited to drink something not luke-warm that I chugged this ice water down.  My throat almost hurt because the water felt so cold!

Last week, a friend visited the island but wanted to get some food in the IMA so we hiked over there.  Upon entering the air conditioning, my hair felt like it was all violently standing on end, trying to pull itself out of my body.  Once again, the cold almost felt painful after being so accustomed to the heat.

Here in the US, our homes, restaurants, and institutions blast the AC  way beyond an excessive setting.  In the summer, do our indoor areas need to be so cold that we need jackets and blankets to be comfortable?  And in the winter, do we really need to lounge around in our shorts and t-shirts in the heat of our homes?  If everyone in the US turned down their AC setting by one degree, could you imagine the amount of energy we would save?!

3 Responses to “High Contrast: Hot/Cold”

  • Heather Says:

    “If everyone in the US turned down their AC setting by one degree, could you imagine the amount of energy we would save?!” You are too young to remember Pres Carter. His admin had a campaign to turn the heat in the winter to 76 degrees to save energy.

  • I nominate you to start this campaign at IUPUI!

  • Lynn Says:

    This brings back memories of my teen years. Living out in the country in an old house with no a/c. I used to freeze to death at anyone’s home that had air conditioning to the point of having chills! I still were jeans or take a jacket when I go out to eat.
    This would be a great campaign to start!!!! I will back you all the way!

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