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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


IMA project description:

Our aim is to embrace the “give and take” nature of this collaboration with Andrea Zittel and to reflect the concepts of adaptation and evolution in our actions.

We will invite small groups to visit us on the island, encounter our living spaces and learn about our life. When we raise a green flag on the island, guests may ring a bell on the shore to signal their desire for a tour. We will pick them up in our row boat and give a tour highlighting the efficient living space we have designed, including dual-purpose modular furniture, floating self-sustained gardens, and a bicycle generator. Guests may bring us an object or material of any sort and we will let them choose from an ever-changing collection of sculptures and drawings.

Besides island tours and artist talks, we welcome communication with visitors to 100 Acres. We will create message-writing centers for visitors to author their own anonymous messages, which they will release in floating containers aesthetically reminiscent of the island. We will collect these messages and post them on our blog accessible to anyone with the Internet. Also on our blog, we will record daily discoveries and challenges, updates about the fabrication process, and trade logs.

About this blog:

Welcome to our blog. This is an inspection and analysis of our life on the Indianapolis Island. We will post our challenges and epiphanies, updates about the building process and logs of our mental state. Here you will find images of our personal discoveries as well as documentation of the interactive elements of our project, including trades and floating messages.

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