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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

My Art…so far.

Many of you have been asking us to post some of our art…I really need to photograph my newer work because it is more relevant to the direction I want to take in my work.  I have just finished my junior year at art school, so a lot of the work I have done so far is “project based.”  Of course, I have always tried to stretch the boundaries within projects, so I would like to say my work so far reflects a piece of me.  However, next year is when I really get a chance to create a body of work I want to show as the beginning of my long-term art career.

I DO have some work to show you….

Anyway, the following oil painting is a self portrait I made almost two years ago.

And here is a still life ink wash I did for class (another more traditional piece.)

Finally, I was able to combine my love for painting and sculpture in the following pieces…

It is fun to blur the lines between a two-dimensional world and a three-dimensional world so in these ‘Figure Paintings”, I painted on my friends to make them appear flat.  You can move around them to view them in the third-dimension, but there is an illusion of flat space.  Click on the thumbnails to view full images.

I am also interested in creating interactive kinetic sculptures where viewers can physically interact with the piece.  For the next piece, I hand painted over 70 frames of a two-channel stop motion animation on a treadmill.  When the treadmill is turned on and viewed through a viewfinder which produces a strobe effect, the animation comes to life.  (I have better documentation somewhere, but I only have this to show right now.  See left.)  The next pieces are layered drawings showing layers of my unconscious mind.  The viewer has the opportunity to physically explore the pieces by turning gears or flipping through hinged layers.

I also like to do work with performance and video.  However, I do not have the documentation on the internet.  I really need to set up a website showcasing my newer work, which has not yet been documented.   Sorry!

Since I am still in school, my ideas about art are always changing and there is so much more I want to explore.  I DO know I want to make art that is interactive and creates an experience for the viewer.  I DO want to blur the lines between “life” and art.  I DO want to display my work as an installation where viewers can navigate a space, directly interact with art, and experience sights, sounds, and smells.  I really look forward to my senior year leading up to a thesis show.


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