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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Hot off the Press

Hello everyone.  Recently, Mike and I have done several interviews for articles and some of them have come out already.  Click on the following links to check them out.

Indiana University

On The Cusp

Oh!  Art Babble recently posted video from the Forum, where all of the artists spoke about their piece at 100 Acres.  Andrea Zittel and I talk about Indianapolis Island and answer questions about 35 minutes into the video.  All of the artists are incredibly interesting and John Green is hilarious.  Check it out.  100 Acres Opening Forum

PBS came to do a piece on 100 Acres, so that should be coming out on TV sometime.  Also, My Indy TV is broadcasting a piece about Indianapolis Island.  Keep on the lookout!  Let me know if any of you see it, since I will be away from TV altogether for two more weeks.  Haha.


Visit from Dallas, Texas

Today has been slow because of the stormy weather, so we have had very few visitors and messages. I was hanging out Inside of the island to stay out of the rain when I heard the bell ring…I thought, “who would possibly want a tour in this awful weather?!”. Haha.

Well, I went outside to see who it was and there was a man out there who said he came all the way from Dallas, Texas to come see the IMA and the island. I put on my rain poncho and gave him a tour since he came from so far away!

He brought amazing items to trade: a book his friend wrote, a headlamp, and a printout from another book he is reading. Luckily, he collects hats and t-shirts so I traded him the hat I made yesterday as well as a t-shirt from Me Mi Mir. Oh, and I gave him an art babble bumper sticker. I love visits like this. Thanks so much!

Check out the rest of the trades on today’s trade post.


Map of YOU!

I have a large US map, which I will document the locations where people have visited from.  I have been backtracking through the hundreds of messages we have received so I can document EVERY location we have been given.  We have had visitors from NYC, California, and even Moscow and other cities across the globe!

If you visited us or the 100 Acres park in general, we would like to know what city you came from so we can put a pushpin on our map to represent YOU!  Just tell us in a comment on this entry and we will mark you on our map.



i’ve had a good week, but i’m ready to go home.  People have asked me what my favorite part of this experience has been and without too  much thought i have to say all the people who i would have not normally met.  Everyone is excited about the project and that makes it so much easier to talk to people you don’t know.  Things like this and know no stranger have given me lots of excuses to talk to people and get to know them quickly.  I may not have another opportunity to be in the middle of something where so many people from so many walks of life are enthusiastic and supportive of something i’m doing.  Thanks to everyone who has gone out of their way to send us support and encouragement.


daily interaction

a dear friend of mine called me out on needing to be more sociable with visitors realizing that this was most peoples first visit to the park and many’s first or only interaction with art or artists.  It’s easy for me to sigh when someone asks if we have air conditioning but i have to remember that even though this is my daily routine it’s very foreign and strange to people and it’s natural that they would have questions.  I think i’ve been doing better. If not, at least i’m more conscious of it and i’m quick to catch myself from being grumpy.

But maybe a little grumpiness is OK, i am a zoo animal after all.  It’s been interesting how people interact from far away.  If i’m sitting on my porch in the right spot  no one can see me, but i can hear them talking and most of the time they are wondering if they will catch a glimpse of the crazy artist.  Most of them shout or yelp even, like a kid taping on the glass of an aquarium trying to get a reaction.  It drives me crazy when they are rude about it but everyonce in a while someone understands what i feel like.  Most of the time if there are people on the beach i’ll do them the common courtesy of waving.  Some say hello, and i return the favor but don’t try to carry on a conversation.  Yesturday a group of ladies said, “hello, michael” . I waved, they said “sorry you feel like a zoo animal.”

It made me realize that most of the people don’t deserve a calloused response and are well, meaning.  I’m going to take this on a case by case basis, but it’s nice to remember.


new toy.

mom’s know what kids like.  My mom brought a pair of binoculars along with dinner.  I knew these would be fun but i had no idea how much i would be tickled by looking at people.  One part of the experience that can be somewhat jarring is the fact that people are always observing your actions.  Every time i want to sit in the sun there is a crowd wondering how i potty.  Now the tables have turned.  Viewing people through binoculars is a really intrusive way a t looking at someone.  i feel a little like  a peeping tom but i don’t have the feeling of shame because these people are looking at me all day.  It’s been really funny to see how uncomfortable people get when they know they are being watched even if they are gawking at me. It’s not often that the exhibit views back.  This will be another good time waster and contribution to the social experiment.


just gave an autograph

hey mom, i made it


Interview with Charles Fox


IMA(n) art beast

My original thought was that this experience on the island would be a relaxing retreat where i could cleanse my mind and be free from distractions.  I’ve been feeling uncomfortable because i have not been getting my solitude because every time i move there are a crowd of people watching to see what i am going to do.  There has been the recognition that we are pieces of art and a part of the exhibition but i never understood what that meant until now.

There is always a crowd watching the island from all over the lake.  When i step out onto the porch i can hear people say “look! i see him, there he is, what’s he doing?”  They scream hello, i wave and they say, “he waved, did you see it, he waved!”

It’s not a celebrity feeling, i feel more like an animal at the zoo.  At first this upset me because i really wanted some spiritual time off, but now i’m into embracing my inner zoo animal.  It means i can act as weird as i want and it’s ok because i’m island man.  I’ve taken to scurrying away from crowds and not letting myself feel bad for not interacting with everyone. they are stumbling into my “natural” habitat and much like the mighty mountain goat, i can not be expected to preform on the hour.  Most of the time i’m still normal mike, but i’m starting to get into the performance side of this experience.


Made my day

I was standing on the porch of the island and I heard a group of people at Kendall Buster’s pier yell “Hi!”  I yelled “Hello!” right back at them.  We were trying to carry on a conversation but I could not understand what they were saying.  Eventually they yelled in unison, “BYE JESSICA!”  I was surprised that they yelled out my name because they were not by the beach with the information for Indianapolis Island.

I ran inside the island and attempted to snap a shot of them walking away from the pier.

What an amazing experience.  I am fascinated by the multiple levels of communication with this project.  I never thought yelling back and forth from island to short would ever be a valid method of communication.  Haha.


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