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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Opening Weekend

I cannot describe in words how fantastic opening weekend was.

The forum went well.  I was afraid I would fail to be articulate since I was so tired from just getting back from Germany a few hours prior.  Hopefully, there will be a way to view video from the forum somewhere on Artbabble.

I was also able to take Andrea Zittel, her family, and a woman who came all the way from NYC out to the island for a tour.

The party went well and ended with the most amazing sunset.

Sorry for the loss for words, but this weekend was just to great to describe.


sweet spread

Last night was the busiest night so far when it comes to visitors. It was all family and friends so it wasn’t draining but there were lots of good conversations on the deck and communal sweating. My mom was one of the visitors and she came bearing gifts. A chef at her work who calls himself Mike loaded up boxes of goodies when he heard she was coming to visit. I was really excited to see all the sweet treats. I’ve only been out here two days but i’m already feeling like a weird hermit. My mom bringing me snacks makes me feel like i’m camping in the backyard and i’m not too far from home, it’s nice.


feeding frenzie

A big part of this project so far has been all the media attention. Yesterday was a press invite day. members from all different papers, stations, and museums were roaming the still maturing grounds getting the inside scoop of the whole park. I like talking about the island and even though i was answering the same type of questions, i never really felt like i was repeating myself too much. Most of the stuff is still interesting to me and i know that i would want to hear about it too so it’s easier for me to remain enthusiastic. I don’t think i’ll ever get used to being photographed and taped, however. The craziest part is i don’t feel like i’m worth all this attention. i’m the same dork that i’ve always been. But i’m lucky enough to live on an island that i didn’t build so everyone is excited to talk to me. It feels a little in-sensere and undeserved, but sometimes it’s still nice.

Another exciting thing is that Dave from the Indy Star participated in our FIRST ISLAND TRADE. he was doing an interview and he brought a deck of cards. i was caught off guard so i drew him a quick sketch to celebrate the occasion. We are on our way.


Know No Stranger

I’ve been struggling with this decision for a while now. I’m not sure if i should keep this project separate from all my other areas of life, but i’ve come down to the decision that this blog is about my summer experience and all my other projects affect the island experience.  And i would be a complete ass not to use the attention of the island to promote my friends.  Know No Stranger is a performance collective i’ve been working with for the last year. We were featured in the local paper recently with a generous article.  Read it to learn a little more about me, my life,  and my collective. It gives a good glimpse of everything i have going on, kns, bees,  island, family. Susan did a good job of hitting it all.

It’s been really interesting working on this project because it is so large and takes so much of our attention and focus but life is never so simple that we have only one thing to concentrate on.  There was a point when i was doing school, know no stranger, and the island all at the same time.  While the island is my most pressing concern and heaviest responsibility, i also feel the weight of making the collective work well.  So far so good, but i’m constantly paranoid that i’m trying to do too many things at once and not doing any of them well.



Every time we get out to the island we feel like the experience is getting more and more real and we get more and more excited.  We have our own copy of the keys; now we can get on to the boat and island whenever we want which gives us much more freedom to get things done.  

We met Jenny Mikulay’s site specific art class to give a quick talk on our project.  Jess mentioned how nice it was to talk to fellow artists because they understood a lot of what we were thinking without too much explanation.  

Then we rowed out to the island, we need a lot of practice controlling this transport but we eventually made it.  We had enough time to take some measurements before some threatening clouds came in and we decided to head back home.  We are excited to spend a storm on the island, but not yet.  We have big plans for hidden shelves and interior design, i can’t wait.


tour of the lands

ima printmakernew friends, Tad and visitor's pavilion

Today was the first day we were able to walk the grounds of our new home.  It was packed with information and logistical tasks.  The park is making nice progress but still has a long way to go.  Richard McCoy was able to fill us in on all the progress being made and it’s encouraging to see things becoming solid.  One of the tasks for the day was to get our security badges which gives us access to the bowels of the IMA.  We were fingerprinted, given a quick and confusing tour, then we were off to romp the lands.  We looked at all the projects being worked on including the visitors pavilion which will serve as a charging/ blogging station during the project.  It keeps with the IMA’s style of swanky-ness and will be a nice refreshing change from the cramped island at times.  It’s tall, clean, and full of glass.  When walking around the 100 acres I kept thinking about how nice it will be to live amongst all the trees.  Especially now, everything is so vibrantly green it’s really energizing.  

One of things on the list of things to do was to find a rowboat and get out to the island.  This is the first time I’ve been on it since our first visit before I even knew this was something I wanted to do.  It was rainy and gray but it felt so good to row out to our new home.  One thing is for sure; we have a lot of work to do to make this someplace we can live for an extended amount of time.  After taking some quick measurements, Jess and I paddled around the lake, soaking up the experience.

I almost forgot. There has been talk about someone from the New York Times interviewing us about the project. I feel a little shallow getting excited about this but hey, it may never happen again.  The whole process was mysterious. We sent the times we were available to talk but didn’t really know how it was going to happen.  2pm Friday, we get a call from an unknown number and have a quick conversation.  It was relatively painless, questions we’ve already been asked and things we’ve been thinking a lot about lately.  NYT, no big deal, piece of cake.


this is the life

Jess had a show yesterday. She’s been working really hard on it and it’s added to the chaos that is our life.  We’ve both been doing shows for a couple years but one drastic change that this project brings is the media attention.  The external affairs coordinator from Herron grabbed us after the show to talk about the island.  It’s flattering and exciting, however, i can see it getting old if we are trying to do something or just enjoy the show.  I’m not complaining, it’s an honor to be a part of the project but there are a lot of things going on in our life and i like to talk about those things to.  Anyway, the show was good, a wearable art show at the sculpture building.  They put together a runway and had a very nice presentation.  Jess has been doing “figure painting” and you can see how she interprets that.  

Jess and her figure painting


Herron Interview


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