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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Turtle Pancake…almost.

I saw a turtle trying to cross the road right in front of the Los Carpinteros piece today. I knew he was doomed so I moved him back into the park. Of course, the turtle thanked me by urinating on my foot.


Childhood games…

Walking around the wooded area in 100 Acres, I often joke to Mike, “I feel like I am in Jurassic Park!” 

I know, I know…prehistoric clones do not run amok at this sculpture park, but memories from the past (especially my childhood) jump out at me from time to time.  When I see the vines hanging from the trees here, I remember swinging on the vines in my grandpa’s woods when I was little, escaping from the pretend Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I still cannot help but to grab a vine and swing from time to time.

Also in the wooded area, I encounter a footbridge still under construction.  Basically there are several planks of wood set on the ground, ready to be connected as a bridge.  Instead of walking around the obstacle, of course I choose to attempt jumping from plank to plank.  Again thinking back to my childhood, I remember setting up obstacle courses to test my survival skills.  Life can never be easy, because I always have found ways to make tasks more difficult.  Challenges make life more interesting.

Finally, I discover two large mounds of dirt near the beach and remember playing “King of the Mountain” with my cousin.  Oh, how great it felt to knock him off the top of the large rock we played on and declare myself King (er…Queen)!  These mounds of dirt may be shorter than I am, but if I get down really low to the ground and look up them, they look like mountains.

If I constantly challenge myself and explore new perspectives, I can rejuvenate my imagination and use this as a source for reinventing life and art.


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