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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Visit from Dallas, Texas

Today has been slow because of the stormy weather, so we have had very few visitors and messages. I was hanging out Inside of the island to stay out of the rain when I heard the bell ring…I thought, “who would possibly want a tour in this awful weather?!”. Haha.

Well, I went outside to see who it was and there was a man out there who said he came all the way from Dallas, Texas to come see the IMA and the island. I put on my rain poncho and gave him a tour since he came from so far away!

He brought amazing items to trade: a book his friend wrote, a headlamp, and a printout from another book he is reading. Luckily, he collects hats and t-shirts so I traded him the hat I made yesterday as well as a t-shirt from Me Mi Mir. Oh, and I gave him an art babble bumper sticker. I love visits like this. Thanks so much!

Check out the rest of the trades on today’s trade post.


Up for trade…

Today I drew on this hat while I had some down-time. I thought people might want something to take away that is completely unique to the island. I hope to customize more objects like this in the future.


Trades 7/12




trades 7-10


trade 7-9-10


trade 7-8-10


Trades 7-7-10

In most cases people are giving more than they are taking.  There have only been a small handful of cases were i have not got the extremely good end of the transaction.  Most people are incredibly generous with their gifts and excited to give them. It’s been a fun commentary on our economy and a reinventing of what things are worth.  My best example of this is two brothers who visited the island.  They both wanted to trade for an apple.  One had a nickle and the other had a piece of pocket lint.  Both received an apple.  Some parents who come aboard are so ingrained with our system of worth that they coach their kids out of reflex.  I’m quick to point out that everything is worth the same and the kid should decide how much things are worth.  It’s been fun to see how people react to that and for the kids it seems more natural that i give you this small thing and i take what i want.


trade 7-6-10


trades 7-5-10

my oars are broken so i’ve been un able to give tours the last couple days.  some trades have still happened but they are limited.


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