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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


Tonight I cooked myself some fajitas and Spanish rice. Mmmmm.


Solitude – Day 3

Last night as I was blogging on the iPad, a water spider lowered himself down from the ceiling on to the iPad.  I wondered…how many spiders crawl all over me at night?  Do they crawl in my mouth?  Do they bite me in my sleep?  Oh no!

I have never been a prissy girl, but spiders sometimes give me the “heebie jeebies”.  They are quite fascinating and intriguing but there is something about their movement and the big visible fangs that just creep me out a little.  There is such tension between fascination and fear which i find interesting.  I know there will ALWAYS be spiders on the island and I am okay with that.  I have decided to coexist with them instead of killing them, ESPECIALLY since they eat the smaller, more annoying insects which sometimes make their way on the island.  Still at night when I am laying down trying to sleep, every little thing I feel on my skin whether its my hair or my sheets, I think there is something crawling on me.  If I was just at home in my apartment, I would never think about these kinds of things, but being out on the lake, I am more aware of my surroundings.


One frequently asked question this week has been, “What do you miss the most?”

Personally, I miss music.  I miss listening to my iPod all day while I am working in the studio.  I miss Beethoven, Radiohead, the Knife, Mozart, Islands, Beck, and so much more!  I have about 65 gigabytes of music to constantly entertain me, but on the island I have the screeching cicadas, squawking herons, splashing fish, buzzing flies, peeping birds, roaring airplanes, humming traffic, and laughing children.  I completely love this environment and I am completely embracing the “nature” around me, but I DO look forward to listening to music when I get back.

I also miss being able to leave freely whenever I want.  I am dedicated to the project, so I love what I am doing and I am dedicated to staying, but I am a free-spirit and I love to travel immediately upon impulse.  I also love social events, so it is hard missing parties.  Wanderlust.

Even though there are things I miss about being “home”, I am so grateful for this experience and would not trade it for anything.


I am halfway through my week of solitude and I am having a fantastic time of self-exploration.  3.5 more days to go!


Solitude-Day 2

Living on this island in such an unusual setting has really changed my perception of space, time, and reality.

Something interesting about tours is hearing what everyone expected to see in the island compared to their direct experience with the island. A fascinating recurring difference is within the size of the structure itself. Because of the strange perspective due to the large open area of water against this somewhat ambiguous form (ambiguous because of the irregularity of the white dome space), some people see the island as really tiny and others think it looks fairly large. Upon rowing up to the structure, many say “wow! It is much larger than I expected!” or the complete opposite.

Relating to this, I have had a strange experience with time. Besides giving tours at a somewhat consistent schedule out of consideration for the public, I have been disregarding our conventional measures for time keeping. In a usual day off the island, I carry my cellphone and look at the time all day because I have so many things I must do. Now that I have very little sense of time and less solid plans, counting the hours has become less relevant. Depending on outside variables, time seems to speed by or slow down.

Oh, and reality! My, has my perception been changing! If the iPad was not about to die on me, I would probably rant on about this for another paragraph or two or three or….

Anyway, everything is relative in this infinite universe with infinite potential energy. Time, space, reality…all relative. I am just trying to figure out what my reality means in relation to everything around me. Solitude = self-assessment overload!


Hot off the Press

Hello everyone.  Recently, Mike and I have done several interviews for articles and some of them have come out already.  Click on the following links to check them out.

Indiana University

On The Cusp

Oh!  Art Babble recently posted video from the Forum, where all of the artists spoke about their piece at 100 Acres.  Andrea Zittel and I talk about Indianapolis Island and answer questions about 35 minutes into the video.  All of the artists are incredibly interesting and John Green is hilarious.  Check it out.  100 Acres Opening Forum

PBS came to do a piece on 100 Acres, so that should be coming out on TV sometime.  Also, My Indy TV is broadcasting a piece about Indianapolis Island.  Keep on the lookout!  Let me know if any of you see it, since I will be away from TV altogether for two more weeks.  Haha.


Island Poi Dog

A family from Hawaii came to visit the island since they are moving here in Indianapolis, and they brought their poi dog with them.  (Poi=mutt in Hawaii.)  I loved this dog!  It was so incredibly well-behaved and quiet as well as CUTE.

Feel free to bring your pets on the island.  Mike and I love animals.


Island Birthday! (7/16)

I had a fantastic birthday while on the island!  Well….except for the 22 mosquito bites I found (coincidentally I turned 22 years old.)

Anyway, my mom and little brother stopped by and decorated the island for me.  How sweet.  Then, we made our own ice cream to put on the  brownie cake my mom made.  The ice cream was absolutely delicious.  I will post a video of how we made it later.

It was fun interacting with visitors on my birthday.  A family even sang me “Happy Birthday” while I rowed towards them on the shore.

Later in the evening, I had some friends over for a party on the island.  No worries…the party was tame.  I promise!  Some friends brought some food, gifts, and awesome company.  I have the best friends ever!

Here are some photos from the day…

Photo by Andrew Kirchofer.  Thanks everyone for making my birthday awesome.



After today’s excruciatingly hot weather, it was a nice surprise to have a storm.  The island was spinning, the boat was rocking with the waves, and the wind was fast.  The wind slammed the door of the island open and made all of my papers fly everywhere.  The thunder crashed and the lightning lit up the sky, while I finished reading The Little Prince.



Yesterday was hot and still. A thick haze settled in the sky as the sun set behind it. The colors tried to shine through the haze, but they just could not shine bright. However, twilight was beautiful. We watched the moon set .


Who needs TV….

…when you have glow sticks?


virtual tour

a lot of people have been asking the same questions about how we live. i’m hoping to clear that up with several posts that are just informational about what the space is like.  it’s broken into three sections: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.

To get ready for this post, and for jess to come back, i cleaned the whole house which took about an hour.  I cleaned the island more than i’ve ever cleaned my land house which would have taken me about a week to do so.  I’m really excited to go back home and apply what i’ve learned living here to hopefully simplify my life.  I’m hoping it sticks, i know sometimes i can get excited about an idea and it’ll fade within a few distractions but we’ll see.


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