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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

island cat

While Jess is away for the week i’m taking full advantage of living on the island alone.  The only way this manifests itself is to have my cat, Saide aboard.

Sometimes i think Saide must hate me for putting her in the middle of the lake, other times i think she’s into it.  She shuts down from noon until about 7.30 when it’s too hot but the rest of the time she is exploring the deck, watching the fish, or telling me things i’ll never understand.  Ultimately, i think she likes me and she is glad to be around me and is happy to be anywhere i am. (is that conceited?)  Back at home i’m always busy running around, leaving, and not home very often.  Besides, being on an island must be better than staying at home with my roommate.


no cell

My favorite part of this week of solitude thing is the part where i have no cell phone.  It’s weird how not having the phone on allows me to somehow relax and not worry about the calls i’m missing. It seems with the phone on i always have the constant thought of getting a hold of someone and i’m always running through things i have to do and figuring out who i need to talk to to get them done.  Now, i know i can’t call anyone, so i don’t worry about what i have to do next week and try to coordinate as much.  But an unexpected bonus is that one of the main functions of the phone was the clock.  Now, for most of the day, i have no clue as to what time it is. It’s been freeing except for the times i have to interact with people who still live by time.  My tours are scheduled to start roughly at 10:30 am and end at 1pm.  Before my phone turned off i noticed that the Andrea Zittel sign is in full sun about 10.30 and as far as 1pm, i just stop when it’s too hot to row people back and forth.  Other times people need me at specific times, it’s been nice to just be available at all times by responding to my “door bell”.

My friend, i think it was Beka, showed me this trick about telling how much sun you have left in your day.  Measure how many fingers the sun is from the horizon, each finger is 15 minutes.  In the picture we have roughly an hour and a half of sunlight.  This has been the most useful thing for me planning my evening activities.


Week of Solitude

Cell phone off for seven days: check.

Books: Walden, amuzing our selves to death, walk in the woods, little prince.

Fishing pole: check and check.

two cans of ravioli: done.

tons of thoughts to be had: check

people watching my every move: check

clean underwear: yup.

my girl on deck: Saide


island music

we don’t have a radio or iPod on deck so its up to us to create our own entertainment.  i have an assortment of instruments hidden inside including a child’s guitar (which is impossible to tune)  My sister came over the other day and we sang some songs.  Here is a clip of one of our songs.



We had a peephole installed the other day…

If we get night intruders, we can look through the peephole to see who has come for a visit.

Yeah, the view is nice, eh?


it’s not delivery, it’s, it’s, well, i guess it is delivery

a commonly asked question is how do you get pizza delivered to you on the island.  I’m going to be honest, this question used to annoy me because we got it every day and it was the kind of thing that every person thought they were the first to think of it.  but then i realized that i actually wanted pizza.  THIS WAS NOT PLANNED.  a recent guest and long time friend showed up to our door with fresh pizza.  I’m still not sure how we get delivery to the island but this is close enough.


solar cooking

hot day.  what better activity then setting up the solar oven to take advantage of the scorching rays.  Jess’ mom built the solar oven which uses aluminum foil to reflect the sun’s rays over and over.  We didn’t set it out until about 3pm but within a half an hour we were reaching temperatures of 250 degrees.  I chopped up some potatoes and got them cooking. I let them sit for a while while i prepared the eggplant someone brought us to trade.  after an hour i threw in the salted and rinsed eggplant slices a little basil and butter.  Let it bake a bit and took it out.  The potatoes were still a little raw in the middle but the eggplant, basil, with a dash of hot salt was very tasty.  More good experiences to come i’m sure.


checking the temps

So my great idea to keep things cool was to  have a duffle bag tied to the end of a cinder block with a rope that went to the island.  i could fill the bag with treats to keep cool and sink them to the bottom of the lake, but i’m sorry to say the lake is not deep enough.  where the island is it’s only 15′ deep which reaches 75 degrees.  75 feels very cool but not cool enough to keep my cheese cold.  Supposedly there is a deeper part of the lake but we have yet to find it. I figure if we can get 50′ we could keep some things nice and chilly.


Dragonflies, dragonflies, dragonflies.

I see hundreds of dragonflies every day here on the island.  Some dragonflies are bright and colorful, and almost look like fairies if you catch them out of the corner of your eye.  Other dragonflies are dark, loud, and reminiscent of military helicopters.

I love seeing dragonflies and other other organisms hanging out on our floating message capsules.

Hopefully, we will spot a heron perched on the island someday.  Someday…


Inch worm?

I felt a tickling sensation on my foot for about twenty minutes before I finally decided to look down and see what was crawling on me…and I found this.

It was moving like an inch worm, although I was not sure if that is what it was.  What an adorable little organism juxtaposed with my blistery hands!


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