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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

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A prized possession.

I looked inside a message capsule and found a Backstreet Boys magazine from 1999.  Of course, looking at this took me back to the fourth or fifth grade when the boy-band craze was sweeping the world.  Oh nostalgia…

Anyway, someone left their prized possession in a floating message.  Can you believe that?  One of the things I found interesting about the floating messages is the element of chance.  You never know where the messages end up or if the contents will stay dry, so the chance the senders took provided a touching experience.  I know we have been letting people take whatever they want for trade and we have sent off some amazing gifts, but I left all of my prized possessions at home so I would not even have to risk sending them off.  Thanks for sending us your prized possession!  It really made me smile.


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Questions about Messages – ANSWERED!

Where do messages end up?

Really, this all depends on the wind.  Some days, the wind blows the islands back to the shore where they are launched.  Other days, they may blow over to the other side of the lake (like in the previous post).  On really special days, the wind catches the messages just right and floats them over to us on the island where we can just reach over and pick them up out of the water.  We have received about ten this way so far.

How do you retrieve the messages?

We row around and pick them up.

What is your favorite message?

Some people get really creative with the messages they send.  One of my favorites was definitely the “Full Circle” message where someone found their original message on the blog, printed it out, and sent it back to us with “Full Circle” written on the print out.  I also love receiving drawings and poems.  Opening up a messages feels like Christmas.  I feel excited every time I retrieve a message from its capsule.


Messages 7-25 Pt. 2!


Messages 7/25


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