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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Childhood games…

Walking around the wooded area in 100 Acres, I often joke to Mike, “I feel like I am in Jurassic Park!” 

I know, I know…prehistoric clones do not run amok at this sculpture park, but memories from the past (especially my childhood) jump out at me from time to time.  When I see the vines hanging from the trees here, I remember swinging on the vines in my grandpa’s woods when I was little, escaping from the pretend Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I still cannot help but to grab a vine and swing from time to time.

Also in the wooded area, I encounter a footbridge still under construction.  Basically there are several planks of wood set on the ground, ready to be connected as a bridge.  Instead of walking around the obstacle, of course I choose to attempt jumping from plank to plank.  Again thinking back to my childhood, I remember setting up obstacle courses to test my survival skills.  Life can never be easy, because I always have found ways to make tasks more difficult.  Challenges make life more interesting.

Finally, I discover two large mounds of dirt near the beach and remember playing “King of the Mountain” with my cousin.  Oh, how great it felt to knock him off the top of the large rock we played on and declare myself King (er…Queen)!  These mounds of dirt may be shorter than I am, but if I get down really low to the ground and look up them, they look like mountains.

If I constantly challenge myself and explore new perspectives, I can rejuvenate my imagination and use this as a source for reinventing life and art.


home stretch


Two weeks left in school. All i want is to be done. I have so many projects i would rather be doing that i don’t have time for right now.  If you don’t know, i’m graduating in art education.  I’m student teaching right now and i have mixed feelings.  I could see this teaching thing really working out but honestly, right now i don’t enjoy being here.  I love art so much but i’m struggling getting these kids to see it the way i do.  It’s really easy for me to get down on the experience when middle schoolers act like, well, middle schoolers.  I can’t blame them, i felt the same way. I didn’t want to be in school when i was 13.  What gets me the most is when they are ugly to each other.  If they would quit picking on each other and focus long enough to see how fun it is to be creative we might get somewhere.  I know that i’m a new teacher and i should give myself some time to figure this thing out, but i get so much energy from working on my other projects it makes me wonder why i spend so much time in a seemingly unhealthy environment.  I graduated from middle school, why am i back?  The other thing i have to realize is that things will change when i have my own classroom, right now i’m a guest and even though i’m trying to set the mood and create a comfortable environment it’s not my room.

So much to learn.




setting the mood for the night shift

I love the feeling of being so involved in something that I completely loose myself in the project. It’s a great feeling to see something that has only existed in your head become actualized in a tangible form. That’s been happening to me a lot more now that I’m taking on several projects that take a lot of time to put together. That can be said for a lot of the projects for Know No Stranger. Practicing bringing those visions to life strengthens me and builds my confidence to do other things that don’t exist. If it wasn’t for littler projects that build on each other’s experience I might have a harder time telling the IMA, well I’ve never done anything like this but sure, it’ll work.


First Post


celebratory skins


Just got the word that Our proposal was accepted.  WE ARE LIVING ON THE ISLAND. The first thing Jess and I did was head to the Brass Ring for drinks and snacks,  meet our friend Tom Streit and enjoy some potato skins.  Now we really have to do this.  I’ m really excited but i don’t know why. Of course this is a huge honor and a great responsibility, but what does this mean. Is this going to be a life changing experience, or just another highlight in my life?

I’m waiting for it to hit me. Doesn’t feel real yet.  I’ll have another beer, i’m an artist.


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