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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Gallery show?

I was thinking about having a gallery show about life on Indianapolis Island.  I hope to finish up the paper quilt consisting of the hundreds of messages we have been sent, so everyone has a chance to see them as a whole.  This quilt will be huge and I imagine it would cover most of the walls of the gallery.  In addition to the messages, I have a map to show where visitors to the island had traveled from.  We also might recreate the setup of the island inside the gallery space so people can kind of get the feeling of the space we occupied.  I hope we could have some way to extend trade and message sending to the gallery setting as well.

Anyway, I hope we can make this show happen to conclude our project.  Just an idea…


Har Har.

Non-stick ISLAND pad!


Sunset 7-12



last night i was reading and Thoreau is going on and on about how the early morning is the best time to be alive. It is the time when artists are inspired and poets hear words, you are not living your life unless you are spending regular time with the sunrise. for some reason today i just happened to wake up before the sun rose and decided to stay up.  i took saide for a boat ride and then walked around the lake.  There was something nice about walking in the dim woods without the worry of light running out.  I could see it being nice making this a regular thing but i might not have such a strong opinion as Thoreau.


Check out Zittel’s blog

Just in case some of you have not checked out her site, you should check out Andrea Zittel’s posts.

Here is a link….

Oh, and thanks to Carmen Einfinger, we have some photos from opening night when I gave Andrea her first tour of what we had done to the island.

Thanks Carmen!


Trades 7-7-10

In most cases people are giving more than they are taking.  There have only been a small handful of cases were i have not got the extremely good end of the transaction.  Most people are incredibly generous with their gifts and excited to give them. It’s been a fun commentary on our economy and a reinventing of what things are worth.  My best example of this is two brothers who visited the island.  They both wanted to trade for an apple.  One had a nickle and the other had a piece of pocket lint.  Both received an apple.  Some parents who come aboard are so ingrained with our system of worth that they coach their kids out of reflex.  I’m quick to point out that everything is worth the same and the kid should decide how much things are worth.  It’s been fun to see how people react to that and for the kids it seems more natural that i give you this small thing and i take what i want.


Solitude Experiment

Just so you know, Mike and I are each doing a solitude experiment for about a week each during our stay on the island.

Mike is doing his week of solitude this week since he will not be here much after that, so I will not be on the island this week.  I am almost certain Mike will still do tours in the morning but his cellphone will be off and he will have a limited amount of visitors.  I think he will also be blogging.

While I am off the island, I will be working on a giant quilt composed of the messages you all have sent us.  We have hundreds and hundreds of messages already, so this quilt will be quite large and we hope to show it at a gallery.  I will also be preparing for some performances and projects I hope to do while it will just be me on the island.

That is what is going on this week.  I cannot wait to be back on the island and interacting with you all!


happy america day


Shadow play.

One of my favorite things to do is balance on the lip of the structure of Indianapolis Island and look at my shadow.  I enjoy playing with my shadow and make it interact with others when they do not know it.  Haha.


Solar Power

Today, within a couple of hours the sun completely charged my iPod with the help of this portable solar panel.  Who needs to pay for electricity when the sun is shining?


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