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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.




Many of you have come to us with some similar questions, so we decided to make a page of frequently asked questions and our answers.

Just click on the FAQ tab at the top of the blog to check it out. Enjoy!


Trades so far 6/29



I am not sure if it is the constant sun or the constant rowing, but I am so exhausted.

I love giving people tours, but as Mike said in his post, we could be giving tours all day if we are not careful.  I hate turning people down, but when the flag is down it means we are finally getting a chance to eat and sit down for a while.  Today, I got maybe 5 minutes of free time to eat a sandwich and that was it.  The rest of the time, I was rapidly blogging, photographing messages, giving tours, or rowing around collecting messages from the pods.  Who knew island life would be so busy?!

Mike and I are having a lot of fun and making you all happy brings a lot of joy to us.  However, if I keep going at this pace I might seriously die of heat exhaustion/exhaustion itself!

So, if the flag is not raised, it is not because we do not love you all.  We do.  It just means we are regaining strength so we can give more to you in the long run.



My mom and little brother were making things to give to Mike and I for trade.  Check out the awesome clothes pin buddies my amazing little brother, Nate, made.  They look like Mike and I!

Also, my mom brought some bracelets and she wrote “Give and Take…Dunn and Runge” on them.

I love my family so much!


Our Mascot



I was asked to evacuate before dark last night because of the flood warning.  I was disappointed I could not stay on the island  but when I took a look at the rushing white river just a few feet away from flooding over the wall between it and the lake, I decided it was definitely a bad idea to stay on the island overnight.

Still, I hung out on the shore all day today and Mike Birr, Derrick Method, and I measured the water levels to estimate the rise and fall of the lake.

When we measured, the lake was about two and a half feet lower than the river and would continue to rise all day.  The lake rose four feet within a few hours!  Every time I went back to the beach to check on the boat, the water would creep up more and more until the locker we keep our oars in became its own island.


Messages 6/22/2010


trade 6-21-10


CONVERSATION: please input

This is one of the messages we received yesterday.  I thought it would be nice to have everyone’s input. Please post responses to join the conversation.


One thing i really like about art is you can do anything you want to.  You know how people say you can make anything happen and do anything you want? well, i like to think that’s true and art has been proving that to me.  I guess my advice would be to always put energy into something, you have so much power but it only works if you are doing something.  It doesn’t matter what, just do something.  It  makhe most sense to do things you are interested in and excited about.  My things are gardening, building community, and biking stuff.  That is a big lesson to learn and a lot of people say it but not many people live it.  The cool thing about that advice is that it means different things as you grow up.  You probably understand it now, but your definition of what excites you will always change, and that’s ok. you can learn a lot of cool things that way.

other things that make you a good artist are listening to your parents and eating your vegetables. now, go to bed!


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