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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.


Since I am so sleep deprived from being jet-lagged and from opening weekend of 100 Acres, I just wanted to give a quick thank you to a few of you before I finally get some sleep.

1)  Thank you Andrea Zittel for providing such a wonderful opportunity to Mike and I as well as being such an inspiration.  I was really happy to converse with you in person again and to show you what we have worked so diligently on.  We are so happy to be a part of Indianapolis Island.

2)  Thanks to all of the IMA’s staff, which have been so helpful and have stretched their responsibilities at the museum to help us with our part of Indianapolis Island (Give and Take).  You all have been a pleasure to work with over the past few months and I am excited you see you around this summer.

3)  Thank you Jenny Mikulay!  Without you, Mike and I would have felt lost within the project.  You have helped out so much with advising us, proofreading drafts, and providing a level of comfort and assurance.  I cannot thank you enough for your help.

4)  Thanks to all of our viewers this weekend, whether you directly participated in island trade/visits, floating messages, and forum or you have been reading the blog.  It was a treat interacting with you all.  The trades were fantastic and the conversations were great.  Mike and I also read the floating messages and they were like gold to us.  We were both exhausted from opening day today, but we could not stop reading what you wrote.  Keep them coming!

5)  Thank you to my family. Thanks for putting up with my long hours in the studio, my absence, and my resulting lack of interaction.  Thanks Momma for making the solar oven and for the care package for Mike and I.  Thank you Dad for picking me up from Chicago so I could get to the Forum in time.  And, thank you Nate for making me smile!  I am sorry I cannot spend more time with you.  I love you all.

You all deserve awards for all of your contributions to Indianapolis Island and Give and Take.  I am excited for the rest of the summer.

And so it begins….

PS.  When we have more energy, we will post all of the messages and trades from the weekend as well as more detailed posts.  Keep on the lookout!



this just in, we are getting ready for opening day, all the press is out.


island trade

a bunch of the MAPS interns ( high school kids who will be around the park all summer) visited the island and traded some cool stuff.


first night

Crazy storm.  I was telling a friend, i have probably just survived the stupidest thing i’ve ever done.  Rowing a boat through a thunderstorm to get to my fiberglass hut. Bike perched on the bow of the boat and i almost drop it in the lake while trying to get the bike from boat to deck.

I was so scared and all i could think of was that i would end up with a Darwin award. Happy to say i made it, and it was a beautiful night.  The storm brought cool winds and evertyhing calmed down.


moving in

since my car is no more i have the honor to move in by bicycle.  my good friend Adam Tallent and I loaded up our trailers and headed across town to move on dishes, clothes, plants, tools and a chair.  It feels more homey and comfortable with all the little necessities.


I have been in Germany for a little over two weeks now, and I have one more week left before I am back in Indianapolis.  Everything has been crazy:  living a communal lifestyle with fifteen other students, making art for events, being in a different country, etc.  I have also been sad knowing that I am missing out on the final stages of fabrication for the island.  I worked so hard and I had to abandon everything.  I know Michael is doing a good job with the finishing touches, but I wish I could be there working with him.

The other day I found out my train tickets from Basel, Switzerland to the Frankfurt airport were cancelled for no reason.  These are super important for me to fly back to the states in time for the opening of 100 Acres!  I was so stressed out and worried, but I went to the train station in Kassel and ended up getting tickets for 100 euro cheaper than the cancelled tickets.  HAH!  Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

Sometimes I wonder what I am supposed to learn while I am here in Germany.  Why am I here and not back in Indianapolis working on the island?  Well, every day I end up making a new discovery of how to connect this trip to Give and Take. There are so many connections, it is absurd!  All of our projects have been involving interaction as well as reciprocity.  We have been sharing stories, cultures, food, language, and techniques as well.  Fortunately, I keep getting more and more ideas for the Indianapolis Island and how to expand our project to the rest of the world beyond our blog.  I am excited to talk with Mike about these ideas.

I have been keeping a lot of my ideas as well as blurbs about my experiences here in a sketchbook.  I will bring this back with me to the island as a tool for sharing ideas and stories.  The sketchbook is interactive with many pull-outs, pockets, and popups.  Here is a little sneak peak…

I cannot wait to see you all.  Tchüss.


Hallo! from Germany

Hello everyone!  I apologize for not updating more on my trip to Germany, but I have been a lot busier then I thought I would be.  Every day is completely full of exploration, art making, thinking, and self-reflection.  I have been making lots of discoveries and I have been collecting stories and objects to bring back for you all.  Give and Take is on my mind more than ever, so I have found so many connections between my trip to Germany and the Indianapolis Island.

Hopefully, I can get some internet time to post more about my experiences and the objects I will share with you.  For now, please enjoy the panoramic views from places I have visited so far…


Give and Take goes international!

Hello everyone.  Tomorrow, I leave for Germany and Switzerland for a few weeks.  I received a scholarship to study abroad with Herron back before Mike and I even submitted our proposal to Andrea Zittel and the IMA, so I will be away from the studio for a few weeks.  :(

However, I will not stop contributing to Give and Take while I am away.  In fact, I will be collecting “artifacts” from Germany and Switzerland to bring back with me to share with our visitors as items for trade.  I hope to post photos and a short story about the object and where I found it daily on our blog.  Keep your eyes out for an object you may want to trade starting June 20th!

Hopefully collecting these objects for the island will cure my withdrawal symptoms from my transition of working about 90 + hours/week on the island to being completely away from the island and studio!  I have a feeling my mind will still be on the Indianapolis Island while I am away.  I cannot wait to come back and see you all June19th/20th for the opening of 100 Acres!

Auf weidersehen! Tschüss. Goodbye.


New furniture….

I had some “free time” the other night, so I decided to pick through some scrap at the sculpture studio and make some furniture out of it.

Here are some simple shelves I made out of scrap wood and painted using some old paint someone was just going to throw away:

I decided we also needed a night stand and I wanted to bring the island motif INSIDE of the island, so I made this out of scrap foam, plexiglass, and paint.

There is something quite satisfying about turning scrap into art.  I cannot wait to see what Mike and I make out of the materials donated to us through island trade.  Do you have anything you do not want anymore which you are likely to throw away?  Bring it to 100 Acres this summer and trade it for something Mike and I have previously made.   In return, we hope to transform it into something “new.”


Panorama from the Island

I took this from the island’s window the other day when Mike and I were working on the island.


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