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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Geese vs Heron!

I was sitting on the porch looking off into the hazy distance when I saw an unusual looking trail in the water.

I looked closer and noticed a gaggle of geese swimming over towards the marshy area where the heron likes to hang out.  They appeared robotic as they swam identically in a perfect row.

The geese made it to the marshy area and got comfortable when the heron arrived.  The geese were honking at the heron and shaking their wings as the heron squawked right back at them.  It was time to battle!!

The geese freaked out and flew away and the heron flew right after them.


Those sneaky caterpillars….

My friend Eric and I were rowing around the lake picking up messages when I noticed a little caterpillar on the oar. These little guys are so sneaky! I held the caterpillar for a while as it crawled all over my hands. It was surprisingly fast.

I took so many photos of my tiny friend and I cannot pick a favorite so here are all of them tracking the adventures of the caterpillar.


Island Poi Dog

A family from Hawaii came to visit the island since they are moving here in Indianapolis, and they brought their poi dog with them.  (Poi=mutt in Hawaii.)  I loved this dog!  It was so incredibly well-behaved and quiet as well as CUTE.

Feel free to bring your pets on the island.  Mike and I love animals.


More wildlife.


Another insect friend.

I always have company on the island.



Last night, I was hanging out with friends after dinner and we watched the moon set. The lantern mike and I have is running out of its D batteries, so I fashioned a light out of LEDs and a milk jug. The ambient light sure set the mood because two spiders came together and kissed and did other fun things for about ten minutes. However, when they were done they went separate ways and never met up again.



I was hanging upside down off the side of the island again when I noticed a school of fish hanging out. There were so many of them with their blue gills shining through the murky lake water. I took some photos and they remind me of some surrealist landscape…the sky’s reflection on the water juxtaposed with the white island “foreground” and the fish below interacting with the surface. What an interesting space that creates in my mind!


Another little friend…

I was waiting on the beach to meet up with Yvell when I spotted a floating worm (an inchworm?).  Of course, it was not really floating.; it was stuck in a spider web.

I took it down from the web and held it for a while before putting it on the tree.  I loved the seemingly luminescent green it reflected in the sunlight.


Butterfly Chase

I often see butterflies flying around our beach.  I tried to photograph this one but it kept flying away from me whenever I would take a photo.  I sort of made it into a game…try to spot the butterfly in each picture!


Counting games.

We have been staying on the island for over two weeks now and I have often noticed the many Daddy Long Legs (a.k.a. Opiliones) everywhere in the park, especially on the trails. What fascinating creatures! These arachnids, often confused with the daddy long leg SPIDER (Pholcidae), actually have no venom.

I feel the tension of fear and intrigue similar to a piece by Arnaldo Morales (check out his work). I want to play with the organism but at the same time I feel a somewhat instinctive fear that the arachnid may hurt me!

Anyway, for a few hours today, my friends and I counted how many we saw as we had a picnic and walked the trails. We encountered 121 live Daddys. However, we saw the remains of many squished ones…I wonder how many people step on without even noticing them….

I wonder how many microorganisms we kill without noticing….

I wonder….


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