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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

The biggest spider I have seen in nature…in Indiana.

My family came to visit yesterday and as we walked towards Free Basket, we saw this huge spider on the path.  It had its legs tucked in, but it was still about 3-4 inches in diameter.  I cannot imagine how lard it would have been when his legs were out.

I tried blowing on the spider to see if it would walk away, but it was in defense mode.  I know it was alive because it kept moving its legs slightly.  Its eyes glowed in the sunlight.  What an amazing spider!


Snake Skin

We found this floating in the lake the other day…

A snake must have shed its skin and left it in the lake.  The snake must be much larger than my snake at home, William Snakespeare.  I hope to find this snake someday…does anyone know what kind of snake this shedding might come from?


Dragonflies, dragonflies, dragonflies.

I see hundreds of dragonflies every day here on the island.  Some dragonflies are bright and colorful, and almost look like fairies if you catch them out of the corner of your eye.  Other dragonflies are dark, loud, and reminiscent of military helicopters.

I love seeing dragonflies and other other organisms hanging out on our floating message capsules.

Hopefully, we will spot a heron perched on the island someday.  Someday…


Inch worm?

I felt a tickling sensation on my foot for about twenty minutes before I finally decided to look down and see what was crawling on me…and I found this.

It was moving like an inch worm, although I was not sure if that is what it was.  What an adorable little organism juxtaposed with my blistery hands!


Doe, a deer!

I keep observing this deer around the wooded area near our island, but I always forget my camera!  Today, I tried to get a good shot of this lovely doe before she ran away.  Unfortunately, she is hidden quite well in this photo.

It’s like Where’s Waldo?


IMA(n) art beast

My original thought was that this experience on the island would be a relaxing retreat where i could cleanse my mind and be free from distractions.  I’ve been feeling uncomfortable because i have not been getting my solitude because every time i move there are a crowd of people watching to see what i am going to do.  There has been the recognition that we are pieces of art and a part of the exhibition but i never understood what that meant until now.

There is always a crowd watching the island from all over the lake.  When i step out onto the porch i can hear people say “look! i see him, there he is, what’s he doing?”  They scream hello, i wave and they say, “he waved, did you see it, he waved!”

It’s not a celebrity feeling, i feel more like an animal at the zoo.  At first this upset me because i really wanted some spiritual time off, but now i’m into embracing my inner zoo animal.  It means i can act as weird as i want and it’s ok because i’m island man.  I’ve taken to scurrying away from crowds and not letting myself feel bad for not interacting with everyone. they are stumbling into my “natural” habitat and much like the mighty mountain goat, i can not be expected to preform on the hour.  Most of the time i’m still normal mike, but i’m starting to get into the performance side of this experience.


Our Mascot


Turtle Pancake…almost.

I saw a turtle trying to cross the road right in front of the Los Carpinteros piece today. I knew he was doomed so I moved him back into the park. Of course, the turtle thanked me by urinating on my foot.


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