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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Nebulous Cloud


Geese vs Heron!

I was sitting on the porch looking off into the hazy distance when I saw an unusual looking trail in the water.

I looked closer and noticed a gaggle of geese swimming over towards the marshy area where the heron likes to hang out.  They appeared robotic as they swam identically in a perfect row.

The geese made it to the marshy area and got comfortable when the heron arrived.  The geese were honking at the heron and shaking their wings as the heron squawked right back at them.  It was time to battle!!

The geese freaked out and flew away and the heron flew right after them.


Trade 7/27


Messages 7/27


Space space.

The space in the island is so strange to comprehend or photograph.  I find it so interesting how people’s interpretations of the space changes once they enter it.  Many people think the island looks too short to even stand in, but really it is about 9 feet tall in the center.  Others think it looks a lot larger until they step inside.  I love the distorted perspective you get as you navigate the space.  I feel I get a more “real” sense of space instead of my brain forcing a linear perspective to analyze a room.


Oh kids…

I had just collected all of the floating messages and restocked them before going back to the island to enjoy the sunset.  I was enjoying the lovely scenery when I noticed four kids throwing all of the islands back out in the water…I was frustrated I had to go back out and bring all twenty of them they threw out back up the beach so others could send out messages, but at the same time I was thrilled these children enjoyed the floating messages so much that they could not stop sending them out.  Anyway, I also thought this photo was hilarious because it looks like the children are standing on the ladies’ heads.


Sunset 7/26



Sometimes I like to pretend the island is my sky castle.  I lay on the seats on the porch and look up at the door and the white curves against the clouds and I almost feel like I am floating (maybe it is the heat getting to me or the illusion of the moving clouds.  haha)  The other day, the clouds made such a crazy pattern in the sky, so I documented what I saw.

Maybe I should make a sky house!


Messages 7/26


Questions about Messages – ANSWERED!

Where do messages end up?

Really, this all depends on the wind.  Some days, the wind blows the islands back to the shore where they are launched.  Other days, they may blow over to the other side of the lake (like in the previous post).  On really special days, the wind catches the messages just right and floats them over to us on the island where we can just reach over and pick them up out of the water.  We have received about ten this way so far.

How do you retrieve the messages?

We row around and pick them up.

What is your favorite message?

Some people get really creative with the messages they send.  One of my favorites was definitely the “Full Circle” message where someone found their original message on the blog, printed it out, and sent it back to us with “Full Circle” written on the print out.  I also love receiving drawings and poems.  Opening up a messages feels like Christmas.  I feel excited every time I retrieve a message from its capsule.


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