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This project is from the Summer of 2010 and is now archived. Visit the IMA Island page for the next related project.

Invasion! (and equations)

Some messages floated over by Eden II and invaded its territory.  I think it is fun to see parts of our piece interacting with another artist’s piece….

Mike + Jess =collaboration

Jess/Mike + Andrea = collaboration

Jess/Mike + public = collaboration

Jess/Mike + Andrea + future islanders = collaboration

public (via Jess/Mike) + Tea Makipaa = collaboration?


High Contrast: Hot/Cold

Besides a couple of nights, I have been out in the heat 24/7 for the past two weeks.  There have been heat advisories from early in the day until 7PM many of these days and it has been up to a scorching 113 degrees according to the heat index.  It seems I have adapted to the heat fairly well (I no longer have rolling sweat on my face all hours of the day.)  Haha.  In fact, stepping inside the island which is 75-90 degrees on the inside compared to 113 outside is just satisfying enough for me.  You would not think a humid 90 degrees would ever feel great, but the contrast from outside in the constant sun feels great.

So here is the crazy thing…Someone brought me a cold bottle of water today which had been chilling in their freezer.  I was so excited to drink something not luke-warm that I chugged this ice water down.  My throat almost hurt because the water felt so cold!

Last week, a friend visited the island but wanted to get some food in the IMA so we hiked over there.  Upon entering the air conditioning, my hair felt like it was all violently standing on end, trying to pull itself out of my body.  Once again, the cold almost felt painful after being so accustomed to the heat.

Here in the US, our homes, restaurants, and institutions blast the AC  way beyond an excessive setting.  In the summer, do our indoor areas need to be so cold that we need jackets and blankets to be comfortable?  And in the winter, do we really need to lounge around in our shorts and t-shirts in the heat of our homes?  If everyone in the US turned down their AC setting by one degree, could you imagine the amount of energy we would save?!


Trades 7-26


Messages 7-25 Pt. 2!


Trade 7/25


Messages 7/25


Messages 7/24


Gallery show?

I was thinking about having a gallery show about life on Indianapolis Island.  I hope to finish up the paper quilt consisting of the hundreds of messages we have been sent, so everyone has a chance to see them as a whole.  This quilt will be huge and I imagine it would cover most of the walls of the gallery.  In addition to the messages, I have a map to show where visitors to the island had traveled from.  We also might recreate the setup of the island inside the gallery space so people can kind of get the feeling of the space we occupied.  I hope we could have some way to extend trade and message sending to the gallery setting as well.

Anyway, I hope we can make this show happen to conclude our project.  Just an idea…


Last week…

Hello everyone.  This coming week is our last week staying on the island! I cannot believe we have been out here for five weeks.  Mike and I have worked on this project since January, so it will be strange not working on it anymore.  I am so exhausted trying to get everything done by myself for the past couple of weeks, but I am still so excited about this incredible experience.  I will miss Indianapolis Island and all of the wonderful people I meet every day.

So this coming week, it will still just be me doing tours most days.  Mike said he might come and help, so hopefully I will get to see him and have his assistance for our final week of the project.  I know we have all missed having him around.  Thankfully, he will be here this weekend so I can do the 48-hr film festival this year with a team of friends.  I am so excited for us all to collaborate on our first film!

I hope for cooler weather this week because my body officially hates me.  It is screaming, “Uh HELLO, Jessica!  Slow down and drink more water!  Take a rest!”  One more week won’t hurt, right?


Solitude – Day 7

I think I am brain dead from the sun.  I am 20% as articulate as usual.  I keep repeating things, forgetting words, and spacing out like a crazy person.  Haha.  This post may be short and confusing….

Time has become so strange.  I have been here for two weeks besides last Saturday, and I cannot decipher what happened which day.  I post messages and trades but I always second-guess if all of this REALLY happened yesterday or three days ago.  Usually, I try to make sure each day is a completely unique experience (and it is), but I have gotten in such a routine for doing tasks that I feel lost in this confused group of weeks.  It is like all of these days were sucked into a black hole in my brain and they all exist as one entity.  Maybe this relates to the black hole of hours of the day.  Now (besides tours on a fairly strict schedule), I operate by the sun only…no clock.

That is all my brain could manage for this day.  I think I need to rehydrate.


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